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Good morning mums. How was ur night? Happy new month. Pls I don't seems to understand something and I need u to help me out. According to my LMP am suppose to be 31weeks now but scan according to scan am 32 weeks. And my doctor asked me to come for a scan wen am 36weeks.pls which calculation would I follow. Is it dt of LMP or that of scan. Thanks ma/sir
Both dates are stil correct, scan is + or - LMP date but it depends on d date ur Dr is using for you so u can decide which
I asked my doctor dsame question, he sed d LMP is d best to calculate
Rosemary Seyi Layode
Hmnn. I'm surprised Dr said LMP is best. Ppl see period when they are pregnant. Your scan is only unreliable after first 6weeks. Early scans are most reliable.
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