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My almost 5 months old baby can't sleep by himself, I have to back him before he sleeps, even when he wakes up at night at times, right now na the backing we dey at middle of the night. Please what can I do to ensure he sleeps by himself.
Please help, my baby doesn't like eating from my right breast.
Breast Feeding
Good evening moms and docs in the house. My baby was given 10 weeks immunization yesterday. Noticed that the area where he was injected is swollen on one leg and is paining him. Any hint on what to do?
Baby Care
Good day Drs and Mums in the house, am 9 weeks plus post Partum and exclusively breastfeeding, my period seem to have started as I stopped bleeding at 5 weeks. Noticed I started bleeding again yesterday with some slight cramps. Has anyone experienced this as I am freaking out here.
Mom's Health
This Aju Mbaise that is trending on facebook, has anyone used it here and how effective was it?
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Is the baby picture contest still on?
Please at what month does massaging babies with warm water and stretching them stop because my baby cries a lot when its being done to him.
Baby Care
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Please which anti malaria is OK for a nursing mother whose baby is on exclusive?
Mom's Health
Please, does 6 weeks immunization cause greenish poop in babies?
Baby Care
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Hello mums and Docs in the house, saw a greenish catarrh like substance amongst my baby's yellow soft poo. He is 5 weeks plus, is it normal?
My baby started developing rash at 3 weeks on face which later spread to neck. Was using agnesia lotion for body and oil for hair, had to stop and now using coconut oil. But as the rash is healing, the skin colour of the spot where the rash is becomes lighter. He is going to 5 weeks now. What do I do to blend d skin color as its giving me much concern.This is d picture of the rash on his neck.
Baby Care