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Sequel to d previous post!How many times am I suppose to take TT?It 5 times, yes 5!1. For example u start at 16 weeks2. Should be 4 weeks after, thats at 20 weeks.3. Should be 6 months after no. 2 then im sure d baby would be born by now, baby will be around 2 months old.4. Should a year after no. 35. Should be a year after no. 4 and that's it! If u complete d 5 doses, it protects u against Tetanus through lifetime, no need to repeat TT vaccine all d time u get pregnant.
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Odofin S A
Hi doc, just reading this post reminded me of my 4th dose that was supposed to be in August, can I still go for it, or will have to start over.
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
@shamzy, u will av to start allover. The space is too much.
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