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Good afternoon moms and doctor....there is a lady in my street....she is on pills....that work for 2years... some months have passed....she want to get pregnant but the pills won't allow it.......and she don't want to go to hospital for stuff like she said it painful.....what can she use to stop the pills from working apart from doing....D n c...what can she use
Firstly, what sort of pill is that and was it prescribed by a competent doctor. I have come across women who have taken in pills that caused their misfortune because it wasn't prescribed and it's either a friend gave it to them or they bought it from a roadside pharmacy. When it comes to family planning using injections or pills one must be VERY CAREFUL and must know it's consequences as well
Elizabeth Adeleke Olaoye
Let her visit the doctor that introduced it to her, more so when one wants to take in after FP it takes time for some people for their system to adjust and some are lucky they take in immediately.
Aguda Abiola Ifedolapo
Hmmmn... the pills were not given by the doctor....I guess it this traditional pills she use....and she does not the name of d medicine she only took it because she want to prevent her sef from getting pregnant....and she is need of it now
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