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Good day mummies and doctors in the house. Pls my baby is 3wks 3days old. She's always crying and so in discomfort when sleeping. When I carry her, she will fold her legs upward, put her head and her bombom backwards, her tummy forward. You will know she's in pain. After some time she poos but not all the time. Pls is there any one that has experience this before and what did you do. I don't know if she's having gas pain or what. She doesn't sleep well. And when she's feeding, her tummy rumbles. She's on EBF and i'm a FTM. Pls help.
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Umoh Etentuk Boro
Sorry * bonnisan.
Stephanie Onyeogu
The normal abdominal pain in infants is caused by gas in d intestine.. Nospamin really doesn't solve it... Make sure after breastfeeding u put d baby on ur shoulder to bulge... My baby passed thru same n I didn't give anything at 7weeks now its reducing, take note wen he stools or pass gas there is a relieve essence its normal so don't panic
Hope Godwin
Pls use nospamin, i used it for my baby too
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