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Good day mummies and doctors in the house. Pls my baby is having problem stooling for almost a week now. She only stools when my mother in law apply mentholatum in her anus, now she left yesterday, I don't want to do that. She hasn't pop throughout today. Pls help, what do I do? She's 2 months and exclusive breastfeeding
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Pls how long is the normal duration for postpartum bleeding. I'm 5 weeks pp and still bleeding. What do I do to stop it
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Good day mummies and doctors in the house. Pls my baby is 3wks 3days old. She's always crying and so in discomfort when sleeping. When I carry her, she will fold her legs upward, put her head and her bombom backwards, her tummy forward. You will know she's in pain. After some time she poos but not all the time. Pls is there any one that has experience this before and what did you do. I don't know if she's having gas pain or what. She doesn't sleep well. And when she's feeding, her tummy rumbles. She's on EBF and i'm a FTM. Pls help.
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Good day all. Pls can someone enlighten me on how to store breast milk, how to know if it's spoilt before giving it to baby, the advantage and disadvantages. My baby is 2weeks+ and she's always want to feed, like she's doesn't get satisfied. Am thinking of getting a breast pump so as to be getting enough milk for her.
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Good morning doctors and mummies in the house. I put to the bed on the 14th of March, though my EDD was 10th of March. I had a retained placenta and it was also anterior. Evacuation was done to remove it. I was reading it that once you have a retained placenta, one is likely to have it again. I'm a FTM. Pls how can I prevent having it again? I don't want to go through that experience again, it was very painful. I had my baby at 2:45am but till 4:30am, we were still battling with the placenta till the doctor was called.
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