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Good morning doctors and mummies in the house. I put to the bed on the 14th of March, though my EDD was 10th of March. I had a retained placenta and it was also anterior. Evacuation was done to remove it. I was reading it that once you have a retained placenta, one is likely to have it again. I'm a FTM. Pls how can I prevent having it again? I don't want to go through that experience again, it was very painful. I had my baby at 2:45am but till 4:30am, we were still battling with the placenta till the doctor was called.
Mom's Health
Dana wams
Kai dat was so painful bilki sorry abt dat
Bilkis Jumai
@Dana, labor pain was far better than the pain I endured for placenta
Blessing Robson
Prayer is the key
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