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Please mummies in the house,my baby is 9months+,and my period returned last month on the first but it was not flowing well and brownish in colour then the one for July came on 11th and flow only one day still brownish in colour. Pleas is it that I don't have enough blood or what?Still breastfeeding mother.
Mom's Health
Chida Glitaz
It took it nine months to strt flowing so my guess is it will need time to become normal again... its jst like d first time u strted mensurating, so much irregularities until it normalized. I guess u shud monitor it for a while. But then be sure there is no case of infection to be sure its jst a case of ur body trying to normalize
Chida Glitaz
By d way blessing its been a long time. Gud to hv u bk
Blessing Robson
@chida,I lost my aunty,so I was in the village, we buried her 23 of last month and my phone was bad.thanks for your concern
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