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Good evening caring moms please in the house i need more orientation about exclusive .when you are using pump to extract milk can we still call it exclusive and secondly the pump that we have manual and electric does that mean if there is no light no milk for that day and thirdly how many hours is the life spam of the milk because my baby is just 3mnths and i want to resume work but still willing to continue the exclusives and is there any side effect in using pump and which one is advisable to buy thanks wonderful mums .
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Bola Owolabi
Thanks ma
Sandra Chinedu
The breastmilk can stay 2to4 days without spoiling as long as it is kept in the fridge but it is always good to give ur baby fresh milk as the nutritional value tends to reduce the longer it stays in the fridge. And try not to top the one in the fridge with a fresh one.
Bola Owolabi
Thank you
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