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Hello mums and docs.... I am nine weeks gone.. I only enjoy sleeping on my stomach. Hope it won't affect my baby and taking fruits has turned to a big deal to me o. I don't like it. And lastly can I take soft drinks once in a while? Am a FTM. Pls help
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Charity Kure
OK dear.... Will get D smoothie blender. U r far too kind
Mrs Afolabi Mubarakah
Well wat wrks 4 pple are differenr.....i ddnt take fruit tru out my pregnancy journey bt i took plenty of water,pple were scaring mi den abt fruits dat i must take it,i jst hated it immediately i tuk in,fank God 4 safe delivery and my baby came out fyn
Goodluck Donald
Manage to be sleeping wit ur both side...
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