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Good morning my wonderful mothers and doctors in the house. Pls is it a must one take the antenatal drugs if it cause complication because at the earlier stage of my pregnancy this drugs eases my morning sickness and vomiting but now that am in my 36th week taking drug is like causing harm to my health it makes me sick and vomit everything I have eaten. For the past 2 Months I've been healthy and strong without drugs cos I take good food and fruits. Pls can i go without drugs.
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Stella Coker.N
Take the drugs at night the effects will be minimal or totally absent, that's what helped me during my pregnancy, my doctor suggested I take them before I sleep
Me I use to put mine inside swallow, which makes me eat swallow every day, I can't stand any kind of drugs cos hangs on my throat whenever I tried to making me uncomfortable, just to make sure I take my drugs daily I make small semo each day and I always have soup bcos of it
Chichy Ukay
@esther lol me nd u Na d same
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