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Good evening mom's and Dr's, how's ur week going. I treated malaria with cough and catarrh last month and it came again today and it's wayeing me down what do I do now.
Mom's Health
Good morning Dr's and experienced mothers pls help me out here, my baby pool almost ten times yesterday, what could be the cause please? We are on EBF she's a month and 4days
Baby Care
Good evening wonderful mamas in the house, sure your day was great. Pls this is my 3 weeks and 7days old baby's poo, it has mucus inside is it normal?
Breast Feeding
Hello mummies and Dr's, pls I want to know if this is normal, I delivered 14th June and I saw my flow for complete two weeks after that, the flow starts unexpectedly and stops after two days then give some gap for some days and starts again. Secondly my baby girl of 3 weeks+ didn't sock breast very well today like she used to, she will want to sock but she puts months and starts crying, moumoring removing her month this gave me a lot of concern today.
Good evening mum's and Dr in the house, someone told me that mist mag water the upper part that has settled is good for the infant colic pain, pls does anybody have idea about it? The gripe water is not working at all and it's too sugry.
Baby Care
Good morning mummies. Please I want to know if it's normal for a beast milk to be yellowish in colour? Just started lactating well today baby is 3days old
Baby Care
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Halleluyah!!! God blessed me and my husband with a bouncing baby girl yesterday.
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Evening Dr's and mum's. Pls how do I prepare the ewedu leave for drinking to reduce baby seize, at 32wks it was 2.5 am 32wks plus now I believe it must have added more weight so I want to reduce it before time
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Hello mummies and Dr's in the house, it's a privilege to be among lovely people like you. It's actually my first qst here pls how often should a pregnant woman treat malaria? And is Fancida of @ my stage 34wks? Feeling headach right now