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Good evening mum's and Dr in the house, someone told me that mist mag water the upper part that has settled is good for the infant colic pain, pls does anybody have idea about it? The gripe water is not working at all and it's too sugry.
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Collipan help's to calm infants stop when taken bcos of collic. I used it on my child but do u no what I stop and I tried something else , just try n see it works once it started take mild hot water press the navel including the stomach after that feed the child well and see the result after one week of doing that u can now press occasionally if ur child is above 2 months my son is 3 months now once in a while I press feed him the he either sleep or play just try not everything u take drug.
The main thing feed the child wen u observe it
You can also try infacol ,it is very good . Please is collipan not too bitter ?
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