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My baby is 10 months old now , he do find it difficult to sleep at night he cry till dawn , he is restless pls what do I do. He also has no appetite for food.
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I do eat fruits & vegetables I don't know why my baby's poo is always strong he do take lots of waters too , he is 9 months old now pls advice me on what to do. Thanks.
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Good morning everyone one, last week I took my 3 months old son to see an ear doctor because the ear is always aching him as a result the doctor flushed the ear and gave me OTO-MED ear drop to be using for him since that very day I notice my son's eyes are being red now since yesterday he has started scratching the eyes at time some whitish this shows up though not always what do I do pls.
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Good morning everyone, pls what should I do my baby of 3 months no longer take feeder also he don't like taking only formula again nan 1 , so I stated mixing it with pap since last two weeks but now he no longer accept it again, he do reget feeder for feeding, same with spoon as for breast he handling suck.
Good morning doc n mummies in the house, pls what can I use on my baby eye ? When my sister was feeding him yester night with spoon while dragging with her the spoon now slip into his eye he is 3 months n 2 weeks old.
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Good evening everyone in the house, pls what I do my baby of 3 months today always scratch eyes once woke up from sleep also he can go 5-6 hours before eating. Also his stomach is something else is aching him to much especially after eating, I have tried nospamine , gripe water & colipan all this prescribed from the doctor still no solution. What do I do please, somebody help.
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