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Q 2. Benefits of breastfeeding. It is natural and cheap ( not from cow) and so does not require any special preparation apart from hygiene and proper positioning. Your baby is human and the first milk baby should have is human milk (breastmilk) except otherwise due to medical reasons directed by your doctor. Breastmilk confers antibodies( biological soldiers) to fight infections for the baby's immature system. It reduces the development of allergens, improves your babies IQ, prevents diarrhea and other infections. (1/2)
Breast Feeding
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Dr Catherine Makwe
@bling, hi dear. Did you do any vaginal swab for the discharge?
Dr Catherine Makwe
Hello @xtyebi, you can start. It is never late.
Blessing Bright
Is blings i did then my Doc gave me amoxil as at the stage but he has refused to administer any treatment to it even when i still complain to him
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