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The amount of breastmilk that flows is directly proportional to the suckling of your breast. If the suckling strength is strong, the more the breastmilk will flow over time. Suckling stimulates 2 major hormones involved in milk let down - Oxytoxin and Prolactin. These 2 hormones produced during breastfeeding work together to make milk, establish milk letdown and keep up with the supply and demand of a nursing infant. However, in some cases if baby cannot suckle strong enough for milk let down, we recommend your partner /husband to help in initial suckling to trigger the process.
Breast Feeding
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Yes formular doesnt take over cos ifeel pains in my breast if i dnt breastfeed self.cos not long wheneva i eat i start feeling pains in my breast meaning d food dey enta breast
Dr Catherine Makwe
@phunmie, then express the milk after you eat and store appropriately. The first child should be other than 6months and so you can wean it from breastmilk and give him/her adult food and cereals. This breastmilk is for the new child who you just gave birth to.
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