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The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to express. If the milk doesn't flow, place a warm flannel over your breasts to open the ducts, or try expressing while in the bath. Alternatively, express from one breast at the same time as you breastfeed your baby from the other. #breastfeeding
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Sophia Sorochi
Hmmm hv dsam problem oo@sheedah
hi.please i gave birth exactly 5weeks ago and breast milk is still not flowing..even when i try to extract..i dont get upto 100ml of milk from the 2 breasts on s daily basis..what can i do to increase production..please note that i do take pap and milk,also tea.
Blessing Robson
Dr gud evening, plz one side of my breast is bigger than the other and my 7 Months daughter has stopped sucking from the smaller side and I think milk is no longer flowing in the.plz what can I do to make my breast equal and milk to also flow in the smaller side.thanks
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