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Good evening mummies and Doctors in the house. Please I need a suggestion of good baby formula with no side effect for a 3month + baby. My electric breastpump just got spoilt and I have resumed work. My supply with the manual pump cannot meet my dearest son's demand.Suggestion on formula and how to prepare it. No time to do practical or testing. Its real life experience
Good morning all. Please my baby of 3 months has been having signs of teething. He started by putting his hands in n his mouth. Yesterday evening, he vomited thrice and in the night pooed twice, very watery and yellow like poo. He is still on EBF,though we usually express but he has not taken bottle since Sunday cos there was no power supply.I would have said its hygiene .Please what medicine can I give him for this teething?
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Hello mummies,i have few question regarding EBM expression. 1.is it possible to re warm or response refrigerate already thawed breastmilk that baby refused to take or didn't finish up2. Please I need a link or ideas of where I can get storage bottles for expressed milk. I will be resuming in the next 8days so have started expressing but need to stock up so the pressure won't be much on me when I resume
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1.is - Veflausnir
1.is - Veflausnir
Good morning all. Please I want to know what I can do to my episiotomy site. I did sit bath and all. It's not healing up at all. I have taken 2packs of Augmentin and vit C. My son is 11weeks old. He was actually big and tall at birth.He weighed 5.04kg. The epi site was just two stitches oo.Please kindly assist with tips of what I can do
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Hello Admins, Please I can't read others mummies comment or response from notification. I usually get this error each time I try to read the comment