Thanks for you're answers, a woman was pregnant her husband did not make love to her until 9nonths them by the Grace of Almighty she give birth this woman baby is 10 months the man has not make love to his wife more over for 1st day of their marriage this woman always began her husband for sex her own right ooo and this woman make up her mind not to go close to her husband because she the only one asking for sex tell me which married woman can do this 18 months am not talking for pass years
This couple needs psychological therapy... Things happen, they are going through a serious phase...something is seriously wrong with the two of them.. Probably -she denied him of sex for the period of pregnancy -maybe he got turned off ,cos of the pregnancy changes the woman experienced. SAVE A HOME...LET THEM SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST (COUNSELOR)
Can you reframe your post? This really seems very interesting to me but it's very hard to comprehend
Wooow! How is that possible?