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Good evening mums and docs in the house.. This is really urgent for me as a close relative is going tru a phase.. I need ur advise.. She is 14weeks pregnant and found out dat the water dat safe guard the baby is leaking and she was placed on bed rest for monitoring... She has been looking for the fruit of the womb and God just answered her prayers.. Please i need to know if it can be rectify or if there is something that could be done... Please i need your urgent response as she is down now. Thank you all
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Mariana Ekwegbalu
God dat started his work in her life ll perfect it ijn.Amen
Uche Chukwuma
God will take control it's well
I hope she is seeing a good specialist, there is option of cercalage for her as in tieing the cervix to prevent d leakage coupled with permanent bed rest till delivery.
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