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Hi mum and doc in the house,i did a blood test and the doc said its positive that i would hav to take injection not to have miscarriage,he gave me rivanon injection and ventoline so after the injection have been trying to do home test myself and its negative, after i went for scan and they said they didnt see anything,i went back to my doc to give him d scan result and he told me he his going to run another test which he did and its negative..pls am scared hope the injection wouldnt do anything to me.. I need your candid reply
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Mrs Ekpenyong Temmy Joseph
@Jolaosho21258, please are u bleeding after d injections
mrs Dina
I started seeing drop of period yesterday and he told me to wait for the next 3days maybe it would rush, that it might be implantation bleeding
Rosemary Seyi Layode
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