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Good morning lovely mums and docs believe we are all having a great day at work and business places, please I just want to know how I can mix coconut oil and ori(sheabutter) together as baby cream do I need to melt the ori(sheabutter) on fire to become liquid or I just need to mix thoroughly in a container and please is it safe to use for baby immediately after birth or I have to wait till 6 months first please kindly help me out on this, I need to know because am preparing my things before my baby will arrive soonest. Thanks very much
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Ehizogie Juliet
@Khalli, OK dear thanks so much
Ehizogie Juliet
@Khalli, please where do you base I don't know how I can get this soap mixture you talk about can I get your contact please I really need to chat with you
Yes @ joy i did.
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