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Good evening mums and docs in d house.please my 12month old baby doesn't like any cereal but wen she sees me take cornflakes she cries for it .I want to know if it is advisable.
Please let her have it but ensure it is properly crushed in warm water so that it can be easily swallowed. It can be taken along with her milk like peak 123.  If you choose to give cornflakes always choose plain cornflakes instead of flavoured ones, as too much sugar in a child’s diet makes the child overweight. Some breakfast cereals highlight the inclusion of bran, fiber, vitamins and other ingredients that make it a healthy option but it is important to look at the food label carefully to
avoid, added sugars, added flavors & food colors. Wheat flakes are nutritionally better in terms of its protein, fiber and iron content and have a higher overall nutritive value which makes it more wholesome and favorable over cornflakes. Similarly , Muesli is packed with the goodness of oats, wheat flakes nuts and also raisins. Best option is to introduce Oats which are highest in its protein content in comparison to the other breakfast cereals, like cornflakes and wheat flakes.
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