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Good morning moms in the house.pls my 6 month old baby's back is rough and peeling.some say it is first turns red then it drys up and starts peeling.what can I use for her..
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Ogbu Queen Adaku
Yes Magy u are right.I experienced d same tin so I stopped using lotion.Is toomuch heat dat causes dat.
Khafilat Raji
Thanks mothers,I appreciate
Mummy David
that's sunburn. My son has experienced it severally until I stopped using OILS! Yes, Ori, coconut oil,vaseline.. they all worsened it. I use native black soap to clear it & apply sudocrem + baby lotion. Oils seal moisture. And its moisture the skin needs on a sunburn to remoisturise it n make it stop looking dry n scaly. Its called chapped skin. coconut oil is a good moisturiser but in this our hot weather,... I'll mix it with a good lotion after sudocrem has cleared d sunburn
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