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Good day mummies and doctors in the house. Please I have been having eye problem for the past two weeks and this is the first time of experiencing something like this. I have been to an eye clinic and I was given two eye drops(Ciflaxin and Occulerg) and drugs (don't know their names but there's yeast) too yet it still persist. The eyes are itchy, teary and it's as if small stones are inside. I don't know if anyone have been through this before. If yes, please what did you use? Thanks
Mom's Health
Phoyinsade Adedugbe
Eeya!! Sorry .buy normal saline ( sodium chloride solution) and 5mls syringe .irrigate ( withdraw 5mls of normal saline and push out the water from your inner eye part ( the part close to your nose ) to the outer eye part ( d part close to your ear ( pls do not attach the needle to the syringe). Then apply the prescribed eye drugs . you can irrigate 3 times daily for 3 day
Olamiposi Ololade Ademuyiwa
Get vilicin eye drops from a good pharmacy. It will clear ur eyes fast...
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