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Dear mothers in the house good day to you all. I will be forced to stop breast feeding my 9 months old baby girl if she continues biting my nipple so hard. I get really scared anytime I want to feed her because the pain i÷s too much,now I have sore nipples. Please What can I do oooo?
Breast Feeding
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Tap her lips when she does it. My son was doing same, I usually gently spank him and within few days, he stopped. You will be surprised what these cuties know, they understand correction.
Mary Onwudili Ugagu
Okay great mother's, thank you very much. I will do as you say
Olatunde Jane
@ Blyss Ini ......can't stop laffing. U are so funny. Abeg I like ur advice..... I'm expecting so I will just try ur advice if I fall into d category
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