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Hello sweet mama's and Doc's in the house, pls help,my 8 months old baby throws up while eating anything except breast milk and water. I have tried most of the rice cereal and pap (guinea corn and millet). She must vomit (a lot) while still eating.
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Emem Williams Oshionebo
My baby used to vomit like that at 6 months but after I changed his milk he stoped
Mummy David
feed her when you are eating. sing, make it fun. one spoon for mummy, one spoon for baby. even if na pap, make una two drink am. seperate plate fr mummy(with adult milk) seperate plate fr baby(with baby milk). go n buy cornfakes fr urself. mix urs when you want to feed her her cereal. one spoon fr mummy, one spoon fr baby. Curiosity will arouse her to eat more. Another thing might buy her multivitamin. when she. gets very hungry, she go chop n not vomit. 3rdly, I h a strong feeling it has sthg
Mummy David
strong feeling it has sthg to do with the milk. change her milk. my boy would vomit anythg I gave him with nan milk. I changed to thrive signature. the way he takes the food ehn, u will b shocked iTS d same food of bfr.
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