Hello mum and docs, can give my baby of 1yr six months cornflakes and cocopops.tanx.
Whole grain breakfast cereals are a good source of fibre, which can make your child feel fuller for longer. If you choose to give cornflakes always choose plain cornflakes instead of flavoured ones, as too much sugar in a child’s diet makes the child overweight. Some breakfast cereals highlight the inclusion of bran, fiber, vitamins and other ingredients that make it a healthy option but it is important to look at the food label carefully to avoid, added sugars, added flavours
Your baby cannot digest cereal efficiently: Let’s get this straight— in order to digest a grain like corn our body needs an enzyme named amylase which is responsible for splitting starch. But guess what! Your little one is incapable of producing amylase in large quantities as it takes time for it to come into play. There might be some salivary amylase production during the first 6 months, but pancreatic amylase, which is required for digesting a grain, is not produced until molar teeth appear.