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Good day mums in the house, pls is it too late to start taking pregnacare @5months pregnancy? Coz I've been taking folic acid from day one of conception, but want to start taking pregnacare alongside. Tnx!
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Most Doctors don't advice or allow the intake of pregnacare anymore; though is very good, I even bought one for my self which i was interchanging with folic acid on daily basis, but my Doctor warned me against it saying that it increases the size of the baby which land most woman in Cs, so i stopped using mine since then.
Izehiuwa Precious Osobase
My Dr. Advice against it as well. Take what ur Dr. gives u
Grace Prosper
I took pregnacare twice in dis my preg,@3 and 7 months. At 8 month,my baby weighed 1.9-2kg. Doc said am gonna av a small baby. So I beliv it depends on ur body weight and baby sex
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