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Goodmorning mothers in the house, how are we all doing? Pls i need your votes for my baby in the Cussons Baby Moments Contest. Please click on the link below to vote for Ariella Boroffice... Thank you and God bless you. Please help a mother in need. https://www.cussonsbaby.com.ng/campaign/cbm5-top-500/entry?id=389310#.WrJ9Xdm3fRd.whatsapp
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Goodevening mothers pls how good is cow and gate milk for a 4months old baby? Used it as suggested by a friend but my baby isn't adding weight. Or which other baby formula is better? Tnx ma(s).
Goodevening mothers and docs in the house, pls I need suggestions on family planning. My baby's 8weeks, on EBF and I want to do family planning but don't know which to go for coz I don't want to gain weight and hubby doesn't like to use condom. Anticipating ur responses pls,tnx.
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Pls o mummies in the house, goodafternoon. Pls does application of silver bird on an infant's head cuts the hair?
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Goodmorning mothers and doctors in the house, pls how do I prepare moringa leaf for breastmilk?
Breast Feeding
Goodevening docs and mums. Pls my 5weeks old baby isn't sucking well, I give her Afrabvite multivitamin, but it seems its not working, pls what other multivitamin can I give her coz we are on EBF? Tnx!
Breast Feeding
Pls mummies in the house which soap and cream is good for babies skin? I use black soap and coconut oil and my baby's skin isn't smooth plus it seems she appears darker. I need help pls.
Product and Services
Good morning able mothers in the house, pls @how many days, weeks or months should a newborn baby girl's ear be pierced? Tnx ma(s).
Good day mums in the house, pls is it too late to start taking pregnacare @5months pregnancy? Coz I've been taking folic acid from day one of conception, but want to start taking pregnacare alongside. Tnx!
Pls mothers and doctors in the house my pregnant friend vomits blood. Pls what is the cause?