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Good morning mums and doctors in the house. Am 24 week 3days gone . For what I was told about baby kicking am not feeling dat. All I feel is a tap from the inside and some times i don't feel any tap. Is dat how baby kick?. Pls I wanna knw am just a first timer. Thanks...
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Emike Edison Okojie
That is the baby kick dear... Be getting ready for run run and jump jump in ur tommy soon so enjoy it as it unfold... For second time mum it comes earlier than first time mum so you are on track
Nataisha Zury
@Emike15677, hmmm wow thanks I can't wait ooo.
I'm 22weeks 2day and a FTM. I started feelin my baby's kick a month ago. B4 my husband traveled 2weeks ago, he wil alwys put his hand on my tummy & be feeling our baby's kick on his palm & it makes him so happy. now d kick is so strong to d extent dat my tummy goes up & down each time my baby kicks & it gives me notin but joy. So my dear, don't worry. Ur time is near cos body differs. u will feel ur Precious gift be kicking inside u & d feeling will be amazing. God is wonderful.
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