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Good morning mums and docs in the house. Please I need milk sugestion for my baby of 5months and 2weeks on EBF. Want to start feeding her baby food. Thanks nd God bless u
Pls mums and docs in the house, help a first time mum cos I'm so confused right now. My baby of 4months, b4 now, it takes her 3 to 4days b4 she poo nd now she poo like 4 times or more in a day but still very active. The poo is normal colour, looks like egwusi kind of nd draws. Nd now d colour of her poo changed, it's greenish sort of. Nd yesterday she started running temperature but still active. And again it seems like her gum is scratching her from d way she is doing.Pls I just want to know if anyone has experienced this nd wat can I do about it. Pls help a FTM. God bless u
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My people good morning, My good God has done it for me. I welcomed my princess on 9/9/17 which happens to be my birthday mate. She weighed 4.4kg nd normal delivery. Mum nd child doing well. Words are not enough to thank u all for support nd guidians. Thank u, i appreciate u all.
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Pls experienced mum's nd docs in the house, pls I need urgent respome. I'm 37weeks+. I was at d hospital on Friday and d doc checked me and said I'm experiencing contraction but my cervix is not yet opened. And I went home. But right now my lower abdomen feels like it wants burst and my waist like there is stone in it. I can't even move very well. Pls dunno if this one is Labour cos I hv not seen any show or blood or water lickage. Pls I'm a 1st time mum(FTM) nd confused at this stage. What's going on wit me pls. Pls help me
Good morning mums nd docs in d house, I'm 35+6 and d PCV test I did yesterday is 33%. Wat I want to know is if it's ok at this stage. FTM
Good evening morthers. pls I want to go for shopping o, for my baby's arrival. I just want to know wat nd wat to buy. Especially the best product of baby soap, oil & cream to buy. Pls it's urgent. I really need ur suggestions. Thanks alot
Good day mothers and docs in the house. Pls i have a question. ,the normal calcution from my docs is that im 23weeks and 5days which is according to my last period, and according to my 1st scan its 23weeks and 3days. As it is, My first scan corresponds wit the docs calcution, just 2days diff. But scan result is now saying that I'm 25weeks and 5days instead of 23weeks and some days which means the scan result is 2weeks ahead diff. Docs said it's ok, that everything is fine but pls I want to know if anyone can explain 2 me why it's like that. Pls i really hope to get response from u all. Thanks an God bless. FTM
Hello wonderful mum's and docs in the house. I'm a FTM and 11weeks pregnant. I have gone for scan but I intend to start antinental at 5months. But I don't know if I should be under any medication or which one to go for before then. Pls u need ur candid advice. God bless
Good morning mothers and doctors in the house, I need help. I'm 7weeks pregnant and it's my first. since yesterday I have been feeling pains in my lower abdomen. Pls is this normal or do I need to see a doctor? Pls help