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God bless good mamas and docs in the house, happy new month to you all, pls I need your perfect advises and recommendations to my friend she is 44 and have been TTC, what can she do to hasten her conception. Pls your advice's. Thanks
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Chida Glitaz
M not very versatile with fertility drugs but on D's plat form I hear clomid and vit e tablet, I know folic acid is good but don't know how fast it will respond, I hear of pregnaconception kit, of recent I started hearing of conceive easy let her try any of them.. But my best advice is for her to visit a good gynaecologist for best advice as they are professionals
@chida, OK, thanks very much I appreciate
Chida Glitaz
@Ngozi26791, always a pleasure ma'am.. I wish her the very best
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