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COLD PRESS COCONUT OILStep1: remove the back of the coconuts from the flesh and cut into small pieces. Step 2: blend it (for it to be softer, its best to use a grinding machine )Step 3: sieve and separate shaft from the milk. Use warm water. Step 4: keep the milk over night. Its better kept in a refrigerator. Step 5: by morning the oil would separated from the water. It will be strong above the water. HOT PROCESSRemove the oil and put in a pot on fire, it will keep boiling until all the water dries up and leaves only the oil.For virgin coconut oil you'll do step 1-5. After separating the oil from the water, don't put in on fire. Just whisk it to make it soft. Most people prefer the virgin coconut oil for their hair
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Ehizogie Juliet
For your skin not to be darken put the oil to melt under sun heat and not fry on fire
Oyekemi K-olarinoye
How do we remove the back from the flesh? Is it by peeling the brown back and cutting only the white inner in small pieces or removing the shell from the coconut itself and cutting the coconut (both the brown back and white) into small pieces -which one are you talking about
Nkem Ojems
Remove shell from coconut and cut into pieces
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