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Happy Sunday our amiable mummies,thankGod my baby has started accepting water,today I blended cornflakes fruit nd fiber,together with apple then cook for 3minutes while making it I was praying on top,and the goodnews was that she finished it without struggling.Thank you all for ur encouragement at least I have seen one food she ate willingly.
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Omoruyi Stella
Am happy for you its rili stressful trying to force them to eat, please where can one get cornflakes fruit and fiber and how much is it sold?
Nkem Ojems
@oyenche, my dear it wasn't easy for complete one month but now she widely open her mouth,just be patient with ur baby,check supermarket ,don't know the exact price cos it was hubby that bought it but I guess 2k ,or 2500.
Omoruyi Stella
Thanks so much
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