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Good morning doctors and mummies in the house. My baby will be 6 months in few weeks time, please i just want to know if it's only pap and cereals that i will be giving him. Or is there any other food i can give to him? And i still want to know if i can give him the mixture of guinea corn, unripe plantain? Please help a FTM.
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Theodora Etim
It depends if ur baby has teeth, if yes then u can introduce some finger foods like fried plantain, potatoe, pasta etc but if no teeth u can stick to jus cereals for now!
@6month, introduce your baby to our varieties of home made food, fruit and vegetables in Purée or mashed form. You can try: sweet potatoes, carrot, banana,avocados, powered rice, egg yolk etc. Try one at a time for a week before introducing others so as to identify cause of allergy
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