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Good morning doc's and mum's in the house. Av been having heart burn since tge beginning of my pregnancy though it comes and goes and i complained to my doctor he checked nd said he didn't see any thing. When i was pregnant of my 2nd baby i noticed i had it also nd my doc then prescribed augmenting cos i used a government hospital and it reduced. Am 33wks gone now it has returned again and now it is serious that i cough and vomit, any thing i take i vomit it. I want to ask can i still use the augmenting nd the dose. Thank you
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Okojie Jem
For heartburn antacid or gelocil is OK. In my opinion augumetin is far too strong.
Metty David
My parents say that kids with too much hair on the head, makes someone have heart burn
Umoh Etentuk Boro
Use gascol, dat Hrt burn is caused by indigestion.
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