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Good day mum's and doc's pls is it normal for baby to vomit it started when she was 1wk+ i thought maybe it through overfeeding now she is almost 4wks and she still vomit. She vomit maybe when i give her drugs or after eating at time while she is still sucking she just vomit at times after vomiting she has goose bumps in her hands. I want to know if it is normal cos am worried. Thanks
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I just gave birth 11days ago and i have been pressing my body my self but am still feeling pains in my body and my stomach as not contracted yet Pls i want to know if it is compulsory for me to press my body with hot water or is there any drugs i can use instead. Cos there is no one to help press the body.
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My God is indeed a we some, i thank him for the safe delivery of my princess which came on Sunday. I can't but appreciate him and this wonderful platform for all the advice. I wanna say thank you
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Good day mum and docs pls what can i use to induce labour. Am 38wks gone i went to the hospital this morning i was 4cm gone and i was still aving contractions but it did not increase till now. Though av been purging since yesterday doc said may be that's why am aving false labour. But am still not okay now. Am back home already pls help
Good morning doc's and mum's in the house. Av been having heart burn since tge beginning of my pregnancy though it comes and goes and i complained to my doctor he checked nd said he didn't see any thing. When i was pregnant of my 2nd baby i noticed i had it also nd my doc then prescribed augmenting cos i used a government hospital and it reduced. Am 33wks gone now it has returned again and now it is serious that i cough and vomit, any thing i take i vomit it. I want to ask can i still use the augmenting nd the dose. Thank you
hello moms and docs pls have been having stomach and leg pains for some time now like labour symptoms and am just 30wks gone. my doc said maybe am short of blood an av been using omega h3 for the past 3month pls wat could be the problem cos am confused
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hello am new here, pls what can i give to a child of 5years who is always having tongue soreand what supplment can i give to make him add weight