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Is it okay to use soap and sponge to wash the nipples? Cotton wool and olive oil is not working
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Omo Nosa
Thanks to you all. I was told to sock the cotton wool in the olive oil and my hubby should be sucking my nipples. Have tried the socked cotton wool it's working. I used a little oil before that's why I didn't get result.
Essyln Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika
Hmmmm. We were told to use soap and water to wash the nipple during Antenatal. Get a foam (foam use in bathing baby) then apply the soap on it and scrub the nipple gently during shower. Or use clean knapping with soap and water clean ur nipple or olive oil. Pls don't use cotton wool BC of its particles nature that may stick on the nipple.
Omo Nosa
@Essyln13809, OK. Thanks dear. I appreciate
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