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Top of the day to our great mums and Docs, on family planning/child spacing issue, which is the best. im a FTM with a month old baby, would want a 2yrs space b4 having my next child. please which family planning is suitable without side effect?
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Omoyeni Ibk
Wrong advise ova family planning by mrs ruth, F.P doesnt stop u frm conceiving when u re ready, infection can and odas. Goto hospital especially govt hosp,family planning unit, u ll be clerked and tested then u ll be advised on d type of F.P that ll suit u. 1. Implant (3yrs,5yrs,10yrs dey)wen u r ready u ll remove it. 2. Eg soft sure, i plan fr breast feeding mothers 3. Diaphram 4. Intra-uterine devices 5. Combination-3( 6) depo-povera 7. Femidom & condoms.
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
@Peculiarruth, IUCD, progesterone only pills, injectables etc for more info, visit d family planning section in a govt hospital.
Mummy Jaaziel
thanks so much everyone, i appreciate your comments, to our amiable Nurse Ayodeji, i greet you specially
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