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Good morning Mom and doctors in the house. Pls help oo.baby is 2months plus and last week hubby and I had unprotected sex ,two days later I had some blood discharge it lasted for 2days.pls anyone has any idea of wats going on?is it possible to be pregnant dat fast?wat should I do
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Good evening wonderful moms and docs in the house.i want to say a very big thank you to you all, for your advice, prayers and for always being there for me. I am so happy.pls u all should help me thank God almighty he has really surprised me .i gave birth to a baby boy this morning after following all the advice u all gave to me .God bless you all abundantly.
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Good evening moms and docs in the house. Please I need urgent help and advice.my pregnancy is going to 42weeks now and yet nothing is happening. I don't have or feel any contractions at all. My doctor said he can not induce me. Please I need prayers and advice cos it is really getting unbearable I can't sleep at night. Pls advice me on Wat to do
Good evening moms and docs in the house.pls I really need advice.i am 38wks and 3days pregnant nd since yesterday morning i have been having lower abdomen pain.i cnt sleep well at night and whenever my baby moves it's really painful dat at times I feel like crying nd wen I told my doctor today he just gave me paracetamol but it's really not helping at all.blessed moms Pls Wat should I do?pls help a FTM
Good evening moms and docs in the house. Pls am 33 weeks pregnant and I always have stomach upset which is really painful.pls is it normal ND if not Wat should I do to stop it.tanx
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