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Good morning mothers in d house. I gave birth on d 24 tru CS. Pls i want 2 know 4 how long wil i clean d surface with spirit and cottol wool. And when wil i b able 2 bath normal without covering d place. Can i start eating normal bcos i was adviced 2 b eating small small at first. Thanks
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Rashida Musa
Even i would like 2 know how long wil i keep drinking hot water. Its just two weeks but i am tired already.
Rita Nneoma Uchenna
I drink hot/warm water for two months in order to achieve my flat tummy goals. Also try to massage ur tummy gently by dipping a small towel into a bucket of hot water, press it out, then use it to massage ur tummy gently and ur incision site gently too, then drink hot water immediately and see how all those bad blood mixed with water would rush out. Try cos it worked for me doe.
Rashida Musa
K. Wil surely try this Rita. I am also suffering from constipation. Is there anything i can do 2 stop it. I take oranges but still yet.
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