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Gudday mummies and Drs. In d house. My 3weeks + old baby always groans as if he is in pains. He groans and cry while he is sucking and even if he is not sucking. He is EBF Pls what can I give him or do 2 stop d groaning.
Baby Care
Good morning mothers and doctors in d house. My 2 weeks + old baby is having catarh. His nose is block and d catarrh is in his throat. And he groan while he sucks and cry at times which i think its his stomach dat is paining him. What do i give him or do 2 reduce d pain and 4 d catarrh 2 go. His stomach also makes noise.
Good morning mothers in d house. I gave birth on d 24 tru CS. Pls i want 2 know 4 how long wil i clean d surface with spirit and cottol wool. And when wil i b able 2 bath normal without covering d place. Can i start eating normal bcos i was adviced 2 b eating small small at first. Thanks
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Gudday mothers and drs in d house. Pls has anyone used spinal cord anastesia 4 cs? How was it and what are d complications?
Gudday mothers in d house. Pls I want u all 2 pray 4 me so I can have a safe delivery. I am 40 weeks 2 days gone already. Thanks
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Good day admin and mothers in d house. I am 39 weeks 2 days gone. I found out dat 4 d past few days my legs are swollen 2 d extent when u press it there will b a hole 4 some seconds b4 it releases. Pls is it something 2 worry about? And is there something I can do 2 reduce d swell?
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Hi mummy's in d house. Pls I want to know at what week should I start cleaning my nipples. I am 30 weeks gone already. Should I use olive oil or coconut oil? Thanks
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Gud day mothers in d house. I have been having itches and rashes since I shaved my VG. Pls any suggestions on what 2 use 2 stop it.
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Guday mums and docs in d house. Pls at what week can one feel babys movement in d womb.
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Gudmorning mothers in d house. Pls I want to confirm if its tru its not good taking pineapple at early stage of pregnancy and what implication does it hav on d baby?
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Gud day mothers. Pls I want to enquire about few things. I have a son of 1yr 1 month and I am 9 weeks pregnant. Pls is there any harm in him sucking breast bcos I have not weaned him yet. When can I wean him and what milk would mothers in the house require for his age. Thanks
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