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Gud day mothers. Pls I want to enquire about few things. I have a son of 1yr 1 month and I am 9 weeks pregnant. Pls is there any harm in him sucking breast bcos I have not weaned him yet. When can I wean him and what milk would mothers in the house require for his age. Thanks
Breast Feeding
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Rashida Musa
@Elooghene there is nothing I have not heard o, that d baby will be slim and he will fall sick. Its making me confused even
linda precious
is totally normal for a baby to breastfeed while pregnant but u just have to stop before d arrival of d new baby. congrats
Grace Ighinye
Since the baby is one year plus now it will be wise for you to stop. Since you will not be adding sugar to his food peak 123 is OK. Weaning a child is work expect constant crying from him. But he will definitely be used to it.
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