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Good day admin and mothers in d house. I am 39 weeks 2 days gone. I found out dat 4 d past few days my legs are swollen 2 d extent when u press it there will b a hole 4 some seconds b4 it releases. Pls is it something 2 worry about? And is there something I can do 2 reduce d swell?
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Omokeni Racheal
Is well ma, I am facing thesame experience, just take water and place ur leg on a pillow.
Adesanya Sinmiloluwa
Its called oedema. I need to see your doctor, check your blood pressure and also watch your salt intake. Its not healthy tho
Rashida Musa
I don't take much salt. Its scaring me 2. It seems 2 have reduce this evening. Will complain when I go 2 d hospital 2moro. Thank u all 4 d response.
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