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Hello house una good afternoon ooooo, pls and pls I need serious help from the doctor's and mummies in the house. (1)My baby girl of five months has a very big navel and she is still suffering from little stomach pains. (2) I can eat groundnut for Africa o, intact I am so so addicted to it that I dnt knw how to stop it cos my baby is EBF baby and I don't know if the groundnut has bad effect on her plus the stomach ache. (3) she hardly sleeps o especially in the afternoon and even when she does sleep it will only last for 30minutes and lastly (4) she can cry for Africa, I don't even know what to do cos it wasn't like this with my other kids o. SOMEBODY PLS HELP ME COS I AM ALMOST LOOSING IT OO. TNX ALOT PPLE, I AM WAITING PATIENTLY FOR ALL IR REPLYS.
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Omokeni Racheal
@Best25329, wow, dt is great ooo, native even work wonder
Arinola Edward
my babies also had big navel too and stomach pain.we did the agbo and also they call something iru ogiri water that is what i started giving both of them and the stomach pain stopped and the navel went down
Adebisi Bicci Akintonde
Can I give my one year old baby the agbo,can it still work for her?
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