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I feel so so heavy down there especially after walking or finishing some house chores. I only feel a little stomach tightening dat's not DAT strong, back/waist pain and sometimes menstral like cramp. Its as if my vigina wants to tear ooooo and my due dates according to all the scan I have done says 24 September, 1st October, 4th October and finally 8th October like say na dey scan give me belle lol. I am confused cos I no know which one to follow at all. Abeg are dis signs of labour cos me no understand again o, I just sit down the wait for show (blood mixed with mucus). Una good evening o my good mama's and doctors of BABYMIGO
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Rita Nneoma Uchenna
@DrDayo, that means I will go with October 4th. Tnx doc.
Dr Fabusuyi G.I
Yeah, You are welcome.
blessing o.
My baby came a day after my first scan. Ur baby is on the way ma. Congratulations
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