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Kia is it just me or do I have other mama's with such habit, like taking every drug with tea or mineral and not water, cos I am damn guilty of dat cos I hate taking drugs and now am stuck with my routine drugs. Somebody pls come and help me swallow it oo gushhhhhhhhh lol. Una goodmorning oooo my wonderful mamas and docs.
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Rita Nneoma Uchenna
@Chichy16855, lol mine done talk sortay him tire come concur o lol.
Mam tea is better or put inside swallow like eba. Minerals and soft drinks do cause drug interactions. Hope u read about the fanta/spirit toxic interaction with simple vit C. Preservatives in those drinks are actually the culprit
Adegbola Blessyn
Pleaseit is wrong to take drugs with minerals, tea is better
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