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Mums pls help a sister out ooo cos I am confused and I so much pity my husband man. Hmmmm am pregnant and sex irritates me alot, I and hubby haven't done it since February o and anytime he tries to touch me, I always have one complain or the other to give to him, kia the man haff tire even doe he tries to hide it but sometimes voices it out playfully. I don't know what is wrong with me cos it wasn't like dis in my previous pregnancy, infact I was the one doing him every day lol, I even find it much more difficult now after finding out I have low lying placenta (plancenta previa type2) am afraid cos I don't want to bleed. Somebody pls help a sis out on what to do cos it ain't funny no more plsssss. Tnx all
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Mom Diamond
Pls help your hubby o, just try and as per the placenta previa abeg go to a good trado medical Doc that deals with pregnancy and get agbo there it will go back to normal. It happened to my elder sister and she took just a bottle if the agbo prepared for her na sharp sharp he return to normal unless you want a CS oooo
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