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Pls mum and docs in d house what is d best baby formula I can buy for my 3month old boy
Good evening my amiable mum and doc in d house am sorry my write up is going to longDia was a cousin of mine who deliver with cs and since den she has been crying and think it will be hard for her to get pregnant again. her husband plead to me to please persuade her in which I did by telling her I also delivered by cs and wit dat she was calm and move on but dis evening she called me dat doctor ask her to come back to clinic after six weeks of her delivery and dat "wat is it for.?. I don't know wat to tell her oo pls is it d Same thing with normal delivery ?
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Evening to beautiful mum and docs in d house pls help a mother oooMy baby boy of two month and two weeks is playing wit his saliva if i clean it now another one will come out hope it's normal cos I'm ftm prayer ( ao ni bi omo ton dato oo) amin
Baby Care
Good p.m mummies and docs in d house I have missed babymigo for sometimes nowThank God am fully back onlineHow our babies doing?Love u all......
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Join me in praising God.. I have seen his goodness Join me in praising baba I have seen his goodnessAlliamdulilahi robilialamin for D bouncing baby boy at last I join the group of mummy's in d house
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Good afternoon mum and docs in d house pls I was ask to do pelvimetry x.ray and my Pelvic AP inlet diameter measure 10.7cm (borderline) while my pelvic outline diameter measure 12.4cm (adequate)... Wst does dat mean oooooo Friday is my clinic day and I can't wait till Friday before I knw my status Tanx .......... Scared already!!!!!
Good p.m and happy new month to our docs and mums Pls am in my 36 weeks and I discover some water coming out of my p'part I hope it normal and pls wat should I doTanx for ur comment
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Good evening docs and mums in d house tanx for been dia always about my pcv dat is low I have followed d advice given to me by u mummy's I take ugwu+ milk + multina everyday & astifer drug prescribed by my doctor and I can see changes but ma's am 33weeks gone and my grandma advice me to start taking ewedu and pineapple along with dabinu for easy delivery Pls mum and doctors in d house I hope is not too Early to take dat? Don't forget am just 33weeks Comments pls..........
Good morning mummy's and doctor in d house am 32 weeks pregnant just come back from hospital I was told my PCV is low and d way d doctor is saying it, it seems its dangerous for me and my baby Pls am seriously scare dis is my first pregnancy and I don't know wat to do ?
Good morning doctors and mummy's in d house I am new here. Am 30 weeks gone and am having pain under my stomach and cunt most Especially wen I sit down and want to stand up or wen I sleep and want to wake up. I hope its normal cos dis is my first pregnancy. Tanx